Use Dext Like a Pro!

To help you get the most of the system here are some hot tips that will enable you to use Dext like a Pro!

1.     Save your company's email-in address (usually to your contacts. Forward all paperwork you get by email to that address. For ultra efficiency you can auto-forward paperwork to your email-in address (using ‘rules’ in Outlook or ‘filtering’ if you use Gmail). You can find your unique email-in address in account settings>my details:

2.     When you first start using Dext, log in about once a week to check that all your items are appearing as you would expect them too. From our experience inputting to Dext works seamlessly, so if items are not appearing in your account there is usually a problem which, with a little investigation, can be resolved.

3.     Enter your card details by going to account settings>maintain lists>payment methods. This will help Dext to pick up which bank account you’ve used when you’ve paid for something, so for example if you’ve paid for something from your personal card, we’ll ensure it’s owed back to you from the business. You just need to enter the name of the card (i.e. personal or business) and the last four digits; we’ll handle the rest.

4.     Add your team members so they can make expense claims themselves or manage your Dext account for you. This can be done in account settings>maintain users. 

5.     However tempting it may be, please refrain from pushing the green button! That's our job :)

a.     We check each item carefully before we import it into your accounting system, including the date, amount, supplier, tax and how the payment was made.

b.     Once we’re happy with the details we’ll publish the item so that it enters your accounts and can be reconciled.

Please note that all we need from you is to ensure that all the paperwork and files flow regularly into the system. Once they are in we will handle the rest.

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