How to create Expense Reports

An Expense Report should be created in Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank) when you want to submit expenses to your company for reimbursement. This usually occurs when you have paid for business costs out of your own pocket. Creating an Expense Report provides you with a summary of your expenses that you can submit to your company for approval.

You can create the expense report from the Dext ‘Inbox’ once you have submitted your receipts.

1. Review the details of the receipt, in particular check the following:

(a) The category - select the most appropriate category for your receipt. Avoid using the category 'General Expenses' (only use this as a last resort if nothing else is suitable).

(b)  VAT rate - select one of the following categories: 20% (VAT on Expenses) or Zero Rated Expenses (if there is no VAT to be claimed). 

If the receipt is for Client Entertainment, then VAT cannot be claimed, even if there is VAT on the receipt.

2. From the inbox, tick the items you want to include in the expense report, and then select 'add to expense report'.

3. In the pop-up, select whether it is for a new expense report or an existing one. 

4. If creating a new report, select who the report is for and the date for the report. If adding to an existing report, select the report to add items to.

5. Once all details are entered, click 'Add'.

Please note that the individual receipts will automatically move into your 'Archive' after added to an expense report. They can still be accessed if required.

Please watch the below video for a quick demonstration on how to create and submit an expense report for approval. 

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