How to submit receipts

There are many ways to submit items to your Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank) account.

By far the easiest ways are by:

a) e-mail (to your unique Dext email address)

b) using the iOS/Android mobile app 

c) direct upload through the Dext browser

Submission by e-mail

Every Dext user is automatically provided with a unique, personalised email address. 

You can find your unique email by clicking on the '+ Add Items' button and going to the 'Email' section.

Any emails with attached items that are sent to one of these email addresses will automatically have each attachment submitted as a separate item. I.e. you can submit multiple attachments per email and they will each be picked up by the software. 

Submission by mobile app

The mobile app is the best way to get your receipts in when you’re out and about!

You can get the iOS app  here and Android here.

Submitting items through the mobile apps is as easy as 3 presses of a button:

 1. Open the app.

 2. Take a photo.

a.     Send in both the VAT receipt and card receipt side by side, so that the system picks up how you paid for the item.

b.     When you are at the checkout, always make sure to ask for the VAT receipt.

This is an example of a perfect submission. The receipt on the left is the VAT receipt and the receipt on the right is the payment receipt. 

This is an example of a perfect submission. The receipt on the left is the VAT receipt and the receipt on the right is the payment receipt.

This is an example of what not to send. The card receipt on its own it is not particularly helpful as it does not tell us what was purchased or whether there was VAT on the transaction. In this example we would not be able to reclaim the VAT as there is no VAT number on the receipt.

You can also add information to your receipts before sending them to us, including:
  • Projects 1 and Projects 2 (these are tracking categories in Xero)
  • Currency
  • Client
  • Description

Note: Use the description field to flag things up. It’s particularly important to highlight client entertainment (as it is not tax deductible) and staff entertainment (taxed on the staff), as well as things like travel and subsistence (reported separately to HMRC). This can be done on the smartphone app or in the browser. Or you could just write a note on the receipt itself.

Submission by computer upload

Simply click '+ Add items' and select the user (for multi user and partner accounts only).

You can upload more than one item at a time - just remember to make sure you are uploading items as one of the supported file types.

With the 'Drag and Drop' feature it is even faster!

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