W-8BEN-E - Help with form

We are often asked by our clients how to fill out a W-8BEN-E form (which you can download from here). This form is usually required when a UK business sells services to a US client. We have written a brief guide to help you fill out this form.

Step 1

Review the top section to ensure you are using the correct form.

Step 2

Complete part 1 of the form:

  • 1 - Name of company - Enter the registered company name 
  • 2 - Country of incorporation - Normally this is "UK"
  • 3 - Name of disregarded entity - Normally should be left blank
  • 4 - Chapter 3 status - Tick "Corporation"
  • 5 - Chapter 4 status - Most of our clients will need to tick "Active NFEE" - this means that you are a trading business, and not a financial (or investment) business. The full definition is here, if you do not think you meet the definition please contact us to discuss. 
  • 6 - Address - Please ensure you enter the country (we have had some forms rejected due to this being omitted) and do not use a PO Box address
  • 7 - Mailing address - Enter if applicable
  • 8 - US Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) - This will normally be blank, most of our clients do not have one.
  • 9a - GIIN - Normally left blank
  • 9b Foreign TIN - Enter your HMRC corporation tax reference (10 digits)
  • 10 - Reference number - Normally left blank

Step 3

Read part XXV (Active NFEE) and tick the box to certify.

This will apply only to those who ticked Active NFEE in part 1 of the form. If you did not tick that box please contact us to discuss.

Step 4

Complete the certification (part XXX). You must be authorised to sign on behalf of the company. Remember to use the US date format (MM-DD-YYYY).

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