Setting up a team member on HMRC's online Government Gateway

HMRC's online Government Gateway service is an indispensable tool for handling tax affairs for both your business and personal tax account, allowing access to Self Assessment, Corporation Tax, PAYE for employers and VAT. Giving Barnes & Scott joint access to this account allows us to provide even more support, which is why our clients have us set up as team members on their profiles. This easy guide will show you how to go about this process.

Log into your account at with your User ID and Password and follow the steps below.

Once you've logged in, select the  Manage Account tab at the top of the home screen.

On the next page, select the 3rd heading down which will be  Account access. Under this heading you with have the option to select Add or Delete a team member. 

Select Add a team member. Please use Tas's full name (Tasnim Mustafa) and then as his contact email address, and select the role option of Administrator. HMRC will then send you an email with Tas' temporary password (which you need to forward to him) and then Tas will receive an email with his login ID. 

Once Tas is assigned as a team member, you'll also have to give him access to the tax types on your profile as well. Head back to the the  Manage Account < Account Access section.

Select the option to  Give a team member access to a tax, duty or scheme, followed by Manage team members next to the relevant tax type.

Then just make sure Tas' name is ticked for all the tax types, you'll have to do this individually for each tax type.  

We hope this guide helps - but if not please contact Tas or the team for any additional assistance! 

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