Payroll Entry Requests

Adding a New Starter

If you have a new starter to add, just click on "New starter this period?" at the bottom of the employee list. 

Then fill out the new employee's details on each of the Personal, Employment and Payment tabs seen below. 

On the payment tab, do not worry about including the bank details. Once you have entered employee info, save and go back to the employee list. 

When adding a new employee please send their P45 from their previous employment to as this will help ensure they are tax at the right level from the outset. 

Note that you will not need to calculate their first month's pay, just send us the details and we will calculate this for you. 

Adding a Bonus 

If you have any changes to make to an individual's pay, from the payroll entry request, click on their name and you will get the below screen.

Their employment details and basic monthly pay will already be populated.

To add a bonus for that month, scroll down to "Additions" select "Add addition" and then "Bonus". You will have a box appear (as below) where you can then enter employees bonus for that month. 

Once you have added the bonus and there are no other changes to make, scroll down to "Mark as Complete and Save". 

You can then click on "Back to Employee List" in the top left corner of the screen, this will take you back to the employee list where you can make further changes. 

Adding comments 

Please use the comments section to flag up and changes you have made or things you are unsure about. 

Alternatively you can always email for any payroll related queries. 

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