Reasons to choose an EMI scheme

An EMI share option scheme is a good choice for your business if any of the following apply:

  • You want to incentivise talented staff who you may not be able to pay as large a salary as they might earn elsewhere. 
  • You want your staff to benefit by eventually owning a share in the company that they have helped to grow.
  • Your company is entering a fast-growth phase during which your primary focus is development of intellectual property and building up company value, rather than profitability.
  • You are planning an exit (eg. a stock market floatation or sale to a large corporate) within the next five to ten years.
  • Your company and employees meet the eligibility criteria.
There are many types of option scheme available to companies. Provided a company and its employees meet the eligibility criteria, an EMI option scheme is normally the optimal choice, due to the significant tax benefits it offers. However, in some cases an EMI scheme is not appropriate or available, and in these cases another scheme will be required. Barnes & Scott can talk you through these alternatives in detail to help you determine the best scheme for you and your team.

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